Home Brew Help! Using Sea Salt in Brewing Beer

As you may know two of the beers we produce contain Sea Salt to varying degrees.
At festivals, events and tastings i am often asked how much salt is used, when is the salt added to the beer and what impact does the salt have. This gave me the thought that I should post helpful tips to homebrewers relating to how we produce beer.
The most common question is when do we add the salt. For both Sea Salt Ale and Sunken Ferry Stout we add the salt at the start of the boil. This allows the salt to impact more than just flavor, by adding salt in the boil it allows sodium to accentuate the sweetness of the malt, and the chloride adds a rounding fullness to mouth feel.
Next most common question is how much salt is added. It’s interesting to get feedback on peoples perception of salinity in the beer. Some folks think the salt is too prevalent, others can’t sense the saltiness at all. We use 7lbs of Atlantic Sea Salt per 100 barrel batches. If you were to bring that down to a homebrew volume of 5 gallons it would around 0.2oz. For Sea Salt Ale it took me about 15 iterations to get the salt right!!
Last question that comes up is, do you use Atlantic Sea Salt? Yes we do! If it’s on the label then by law we have to use it.
Hopefully this helps answer some questions with regard to Salt ,and how we use it in our beers
Thanks and Happy brewing / drinking!

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