Modern Techniques and Tools of Beer Brewing

Beer brewing is a trend that transcends generations. It is basically the fermentation of starch and sugars. Beer has the oldest known recipe to man. The pharaohs of Egypt were the very first brewers. Their main brewed items were fruits e. g Grapes and dates. Over the years however, advancements in Technology have overflowed into beer making. With an increase in brewery ingredients, it is very easy to brew beer even from one’s own backyard. There are various techniques used in brewing depending on the type of beer one chooses. These include;

Warm Fermentation

In fermentation, different types of yeast are used. In essence different types of yeast require different temperatures to properly ferment thus giving beer its unique taste and also for carbonation. Beer brewed through this method is called Ale. This beer normally has a white foam at the top known as Barm.

Cold Fermentation

The main difference between this methods is the type of yeast used. In Cold fermentation, the beer is subjected to very cold conditions. Here it malted to give an exquisite taste. Beers created in these method are mostly lager drinks. Ales can be fermented at room temperature but lagers must be subjected to very cold temperatures.


Beer brewed through this process have no yeast added. It is stored in oak barrels. In spontaneous brewing, beer is fermented without use of brewer’s yeast. However, wild yeast and bacteria are encouraged through the use of oak barrels.

Similar to any production process, tools are at the heart of beer brewing. They are responsible for maintaining the brews cleanliness. Similar to VPN forums they protect the brew from external interference. These tools include;

Measuring equipment

It is important to know the specific amounts of each ingredient added in a brew. A miscalculation can cause a huge error in the whole production.


As the venue for yeast and wort combining, fermenters play a big role in brewing. Plastics are most preferred as they are easy to clean and less heavy in comparison to glass.


It is very important to ensure sterility of both the tools used in brewing. Sanitizers come in handy by ensuring cleanliness of both the brew and the brewing items.


An advancement to the prior use of cranes to empty beer from one barrel to the other is the use of siphons. It also comes in handy by ensuring few traces of yeast flow from one container to the other.

Airlocks and stoppers

Airlocks allow excess gas to leave the containers thus preventing explosions. They help ensure only enough gas is left to ensure the fermentation. Modern airlocks are computerized to reduce risk.


Glass bottles have been introduced to ensure safe packing of brewed products. It is best to use glass for packing compared to plastic as it ensures the package is safer foe transportation.


Beer brewing is a decent and clean career. Impure beer leads to poisoning and therefore cleanliness is at the forefront of the beer industry. For safety purposes, modern airlocks are recommended as they ensure only a safe amount of air remains in the containers. With the basic ingredients in brewing are water and fermented starch, it is all too easy to start your home brewing.