5 Best Apps for Beer Lovers

Beer lovers should stop taking the many selfies they are making today and begin to use the smartphones they have for its original purpose, to find more beer. There are lots of beer apps in the AppStore, but most of them are not that interesting at all. However, a few of them are good enough for your trial. As such, these five beer apps are picked and presented to you like the best ones to help you locate your next pint. They will also allow you to understand the taste of the pint even before you get it to your tongue.


UnTappd is often referred to as a daddy of the beer apps. It is a social network-driven machine where one is capable of tracking his or her rates and allows you to share your latest beer brand with your colleagues. Based on your drinking prowess, one can earn badges using this application.

Similarly, this app brings the fun of taking your beer since it allows you to follow other beer lovers. If you are seeking to have the best beer bars near you, this app is the one to use today. It will not only find you the nearest beer depot but also shows you the specific brand of beer next door. It will also show you the trending beer and bars near your place to ensure that you take your beer at the best place ever can be.

Tap Hunter

The primary role of this app is to inform you about the one tap at the bars near you. You can search for your location and see what is going on using the application. Moreover, you can use the app by setting it up to look for a given type of beer. For instance, when you are looking for, let’s say Pliny, the elder, the application will alert you when it is on tap in a given place. This can be the best resort for those people who are hunting for whales.

Next Glass

Are you that beer lover who has to have a beer and a great beer for that matter and you cannot trace its roots? You got a beer from the style you cannot understand, and you have never had such a beer before, and you need to try it once again? The next glass is the app to look for.

This application will give you the chance to scan all the labels of the beer you found interesting. After the scan, the app will provide you with several suggestions of similar beers for you to pick from. The process is straightforward and effective, especially if one is in the next prowl for the next great drink. Go for this app today and experience the best beer every day.


This application acts like the locals who are aware of the village and can locate all the local breweries. The app can also tell the time that brewery closes and even whether they will serve you with hot pretzels or not. With just a tap of the city or the area, this application will show you all the breweries near you with all the details worth your knowledge.

It uses a simple database which is not that complex. However, it has over 2500 listed breweries hence giving you a chance only to select that brewery that is nearest to you. If you need to use the map and the beer finder of this application, grab the opportunity, it has it all.

BJCP Styles

What is always the difference in the feel of mouth between Vienna lager and Czech lager? None can ever tell this even though they are pretty aware of the fact that Kolsch is lighter and crisp. However, the beer judge certification program will always avail to you all the information you need, mainly that which deals with the taste of beer in your mouth.

The app has all the styles of beer you could approach in the beer bars. The notes of the style tend to go deeper into the nose taste and appearance and to give more than what you really want to know about a particular beer brand. Even this app is not sexy; it is useful than ever can be thought.


With the introduction of technology, it is now clear that people no longer walk from place to place in search of refreshment spots, nor do they taste all manner of brands to know that which fits them. The application developers have availed all these at the fingertips. All one needs to do is to have the above amazing applications downloaded on their gadgets to begin enjoying the brands of their choice at their convenient place. Be sure to use the apps, especially when visiting a place for the first time.